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A Disney cruise line is an exclusive way to explore the magical world of Walt Disney. This is an especially thrilling experience for children, but the fun available for adults is no less. It is a transportation to the world of fantasy, which is a move away from the reality and worries of life. On the other hand, for kids it is a dream come true. The two ships that Disney cruise packages offer are – ‘Disney Wonder’ and ‘Disney Magic’. While ‘Disney Wonder’ can take you to a trip to the Bahamas, ‘Disney Magic’ offers a journey to the Mexican Riviera, the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. A movie theatre, live shows and Disney cartoon characters are all included on these ships that present great entertainment to people of all age groups. Teens have been given a separate area for fun and frolic, and children in the age group of 3-12 can take pleasure in the special clubs organized for them. Three separate pools for different age groups are also provided.

However, most of us have the impression that a trip to Disney World will always be an expensive affair. This is not true. An individual needs only to take the right approach in the matter. There are many Disney cruise packages that are available to suit the varying needs and demands of visitors. These packages range from a 3 to 14 nights stay. This consists of almost everything, be it food, drinks or snacks. Though entertainment options also form an essential part of packages, there are still many other facilities for which an individual may have to pay an extra charge. For instance, salon visits, spa facilities and alcoholic beverages are not included as part of the packages. For better dealings in Disney cruise packages, one can also take guidance from a travel agent.

These packages can be selected online from various Disney sites. The more flexible the travel dates, the better are the chances of finding a good deal. An ideal Disney cruise package should include hotel accommodations, airline fare and cruise bookings that lie within the budget of an individual.

A seven-night Caribbean cruise vacation marks a magical experience to be remembered for a lifetime for all its guests. Disney's private island paradise, visits to St. Thomas or Key West in eastern Caribbean, St. Maarten and Cozumel or Grand Cayman in western Caribbean are all included in this package. Another seven night sea and land Disney Cruise package is also available. This package blends well the pleasure and entertainment offered by the world of Walt Disney. This also covers a voyage to the beautiful island of Bahamas.

The accommodations provided vary from Disney's Pop Century Resort to the deluxe accommodation of Disney's Grand Floridian Resort that also includes spa facilities. The impeccable service provided ensures a pleasurable and relaxing vacation to all its guests. The colorful environment everywhere instills a kind of happiness and enthusiasm in the hearts of the visitors. The themes of Walt Disney with its cartoon characters roaming around make an adult look back in nostalgia at their childhood days, and once again bring back the innocence of their childhood in them.

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